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I’m one of those”old school” guys, the ones who always, always, ALWAYS ask for help. I am not (underline NOT) a soldier who believes in the Army way of life: If you wanted it, you couldn’t get it. If you didn’t want it, you got an endless supply of it. In spite of the “well meaning” people who’ve tried their damnedest to get me to conform, I’m still standing my ground. After all, many of my buds, Facebook or otherwise sometimes refer to me as the Stone Cold Steve Austin of the Giant. By the way, my name is Michael Hunsinger, and I’m pretty much a regular guy. Here are some fun facts about me: Firstly, my favorite Subway sub is Deluxe Club with lettuce, pickles black olives, banana peppers, mayo and extra sub sauce. Oh, did I mention American cheese? Secondly, my favorite Chinese food is Chicken Chow Mein, with fried rice and egg roll. And yes, I am that guy who would walk up the street to the nearest convenience store to get a bag of ice, on the coldest day of the year no less!

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